Rs 25 crore! That’s how much Priyanka Chopra is getting paid for her deal with ABC television studio!

January 28, 2015 02:22 PM

Priyanka Chopra is all set to fly off to Los Angeles for a duration of three months to begin shooting for her deal with Modern Family fame ABC television studio! The Bajirao Mastani actress will be staying in LA for three months and the ABC show she’ll feature in will revolve around PC, she being the central character. While my interest is piqued to find out more details about Priyanka’s international show, what’s left my mind boggled is the amount of money Priyanka is getting to do the ABC show! Rs 25 crore! That’s right!

PC will be getting paid a whopping sum of Rs 25 crore to feature in an ABC show. Not just that, she will also be put up at a luxurious customised villa for the duration of her stay in LA! Well, it won’t be any ordinary villa, a team of people will be on their toes to make it a home for PC for the three months she stays there. A source reveals, “A dedicated space is being designed, where Priyanka will have a temple to pray in every day. She’s also going to put up several portraits of herself and her family, just like she has at her home in Mumbai. The interior designer has been informed about the kind of upholstery she likes as well.”

Now that is some lavish treatment Queen Pri will be getting in LA, courtesy ABC! In an interview I had with Ms Chopra right after she had signed the talent development deal with ABC, the actress EXCLUSIVELY told me how she feels that actresses across the globe are devalued! She said, “Women are underpaid everywhere. Even in Hollywood, compared to the men, women are underpaid. Very few women are such who get paid as much. I think we live in a male-dominated world. If you are vying for the same position, women just get paid less.”

After getting the VIP treatment and the gigantic sum of money from ABC, I can safely assume that PC will feel differently about an actress’s value in showbiz now! Not only is she getting overwhelming material benefits from working with ABC, she is also getting an international platform to showcase her talent. What more can a performer ask for!

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