PM Modi calls for '4-coloured' revolution in India

April 16, 2015 09:58 AM



Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday called for a four-coloured revolution in India for the progress of the country, with the fours colour representing the Indian flag - saffron, white, green and blue.

"The Indian flag has four colours and I want to bring four revolutions to India. Saffron is a colour of energy, and we must have an energy revolution in India . Our country used to always speak of megawatts but today we are talking about gigawatts, namely 175 gigawatts of renewable energy. Earlier, the government bought LED bulbs for Rs. 350 each; we buy one LED bulb for Rs. 85," Prime Minister Modi said, while addressing an Indian diaspora event at the Ricoh Coliseum here.

"The second revolution will be the white revolution, referring to animal husbandry and how we can increase milk production. The third is the green revolution - how we can improve agricultural productivity, while the fourth is the blue revolution, by which I mean blue water and skies, which are free of environmental dangers," he added.

Prime Minister Modi hailed the nuclear agreement signed with Canada, which will enable the North American nation to supply India with uranium over a long term.

"We are the nation of Gandhi, and have never been an aggressor. Yet we had to go beg for nuclear reactors, because countries used to feel that we would make nuclear weapons. The irony is that the nations that do make such weapons are not stopped in any way," he said.

"Now we have an agreement with a French company and the reactors will be made in India. We need uranium for the reactors and that we will get from Canada," he added.

The Prime Minister also praised the Indian forces who rescued stranded civilians in strife-hit Yemen, irrespective of their nationality.

"We have rescued 17,000 people from West Asia because in times of crisis, we do not see the colour of anyone's passport. We do everything possible for people," he said.hanking those present for the reception he received, Prime Minister Modi further said that the partnership between India and Canada is powerful, and he has a good experience of working with Ottawa, an understanding that went back to his days as Gujarat chief minister.

He also announced that OCI cards, which were previously issued only for 15 years, would now be valid for life, adding that all card holders will be given Indian visas for 10 years. arlier in the day, the Prime Minister met Canadian Governor General David Johnston in Ottawa, before holding a tete-a-tete with Prime Minister Harper.

He also attended a ceremonial reception before being accorded a guard of honour.

Addressing the press, Prime Minister Modi later said that the agreement between the two countries on the procurement of uranium from Canada for India's civilian nuclear power plants launches a new era of bilateral cooperation.

Prime Minister Modi later travelled to Toronto, and in a break from tradition, shared his flight with Prime Minster Harper, later meeting Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

The Prime Minister's trip to Canada is the first bilateral visit by an Indian Prime Minister in 42 years.

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