Keen on migrating to Australia? Think again!

March 13, 2015 09:34 AM

Are you among the Indians queueing to get a visa to Australia? According to a recent report, Indians have topped the list of new migrants in Australia.

But here's food for serious thought - layoffs and empty streets are becoming relatively common as Australia's boom towns are going bust. The once-thriving resources industry down under, which includes the mining, oil and gas companies, is particularly at risk.

This has impacted the lives of many migrants who thought they had won a ticket to the good life when they landed in Australia.

Take the case of Probo Junio.

In 2013, when the 45-year-old boilermaker got a visa to work down under, he was thrilled.

He left his hometown of Cebu in the Philippines, where he was getting paid about $10 a day, to work in Karratha in Western Australia for $30 an hour. Enough to support his relatives and build a new life Down Under.

What Junio didn't expect was that his company would go bust less than two years later, taking his job, and leaving him just 60 days to find work or go home.

"It's very difficult because most of the companies don't want 457 visa holders," he said, referring to temporary permits for skilled workers.

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