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Do you think AAP government's decision to provide 700 litres of free water to Delhiites practical?
Can't say
Opinion Poll : Questions
Whom you think is more charming? Whom you wish to see as the next PM? There is no democracy in DMK, Karunanidhi's son Alagiri says Do you approve of Kejriwal standing by Somnath Bharti? Should Arvind Kejriwal act against Somnath Bharti? Should Delhi Police be under the city government? Do you approve of the way chief minister Arvind Kejriwal is agitating against Delhi Police? Narendra Modi says Sonia Gandhi saved Rahul by not naming him PM candidate. Did Congress make the right decision by not naming Rahul Gandhi as its PM candidate? Salman Khurshid says AAP is an "anarchist" party with "Jurassic" ideas. Should the Congress name Rahul Gandhi as its PM candidate? Do you support AAP's decision to scrap FDI in retail in Delhi? Congress's Rajeev Shukla says AAP can't think beyond Rahul Gandhi. Has India done the right thing in Devyani case by expelling senior US diplomat in tit for tat reaction? Will Yeddyurappa's return weaken BJP's campaign against corruption? Do you support AAP's economic policy of doling out freebies in Delhi? Should Priyanka Gandhi play an active role in the party ahead of next general election? Do you welcome AAP's move to fight Lok Sabha polls from 20 states? After attack on Rakhi Birla, should AAP ministers agree to security cover? How do you rate Manmohan Singh’s tenure as Prime Minister? Should Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal join hands again for a united fight against corruption? Kejriwal must remember his mandate is for change, not a repeat of UPA’s subsidy raj. Rise of AAP opens up the political field as it signals more competition. Is Arvind Kejriwal taking a radical stand in shunning VIP culture? Narendra Modi must reach out to Muslims and victims of 2002 Gujarat riots. By claiming there are no riot victims in relief camps, Mulayam has forsaken his party's vote bank. Delhi polls show why BJP can't rely on Modi factor alone. AAP govt must tone down populism and choose its battles carefully. Voters' wake-up call has resulted in a more purposeful UPA. Do you appreciate the stand taken by the Indian government on the Devyani Khobragade issue? AIADMK says Jayalalithaa is fit to become PM. Is Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade victim of US conspiracy? Should AAP form government in Delhi with other parties’ support? Should Justice Ganguly be removed as chairman of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission? A year after the horrific Nirbhaya gang rape, are our cities any safer for women? Should the Aam Aadmi Party form a government in Delhi? Should AAP accept Congress support and form government in Delhi? Should Parliament make new law to legalize gay sex? Is criminalizing homosexuality a violation of human rights? Jairam Ramesh says only President, PM should have red beacon on their vehicles. Should AAP, BJP come together to form new government in Delhi? Did you expect AAP to fare so well in Delhi assembly polls? Do you think Nelson Mandela's death will stir racial tensions in South Africa? Should an FIR be filed against Justice Ganguly? Are you surprised with AAP's likely good show in Delhi polls? Should India engage directly with Pakistan's new army chief? Is there a need for debate over Article 370? Dalai Lama says conflict with China can't solve Tibet issue. Should moderate Pak army chief help in improving India-Pakistan relations? Which movie would you like to watch this week?
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