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Kiran Kumar- new ISRO chief

January 15, 2015 02:39 PM

Sri Kiran Kumar Alur Seelin born in the year 1952 completed his Physics (Honours) from Bangalore university in 1971.


He did his Post graduation course M.Sc( Electronics) from Bangalore university in 1973. Sri A.S.Kiran Kumar Joined Space Applications Centre in the year 1975 after completing with distinction the post graduate degree M.Tech in Physical Engineering from Indian Institute Of Science Bangalore.


Since then he has been working on Imaging payload development activities at ISRO. He has worked on a wide range of Space borne Electro -optical imaging instruments operating from both LEO and GEO orbits. He has made significant contributions to the design and development of Imaging instruments for remote sensing and meteorological applications.


The instruments developed cover a wide range of spatial spectral temporal and radiometric resolutions, Starting from a modest one Kilometer spatial resolution Bhaskara TV payloads to one meter resolution TES payloads and Very High Resolution Radiometers providing visible and thermal images from Geo platforms.

He has also contributed to the development of airborne imaging instruments like ALISS and Imaging spectrometers.

He is currently working as group director of ELECTRO-OPTICAL SYSTEMS GROUP at Space applications Centre Ahmedabad.

He is recipient of

ISRS award for the year 1994

VASVIK award for the year 1998



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