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Mukesh Ambani: 8th richest indian

March 03, 2015 03:36 PM
Name Mukesh Ambani
Born on 19 April 1957
Place of Birth Aden, Yemen
Educated from University of Bombay, Stanford University
Works for Reliance Industries
Valued at US $27 billion
Position Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries
Married to Nita Ambani
Father Dhirubhai Ambani
Mother Kokilaben



He is the eldest son of Dhirubhai Ambani, who is the late founder of Reliance Industries. He has a brother,Anil Ambani , and two sisters, Dipti Ambani and Nina Ambani.
The two brothers have had a history of clashes over business. Anil Ambani, who is the owner of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, is also a tough market competitor.

He was brought up in a close-knit, joint bourgeois family. His father laid a great stress on the non-academic aspect of his life. He was even provided with a teacher, in the face of Mahendrabhai, to this effect. His father's passion for creating Reliance helped him develop a love and zeal for it at an early stage of his life. All academic decisions of his life were bereft of parental and social influences.

He was educated at Abaay Morischa School in Mumbai. He chose to graduate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bombay and, later applied for an MBA program at Stanford University, but after a year, dropped out of it to assist his father in the polyester plant.


While pursuing his graduation, he worked almost full-time for Reliance. He would finish college at 2.30 and head straight to the office. Once, at the age of 17, they were raided and he single hanedly managed the situation, while his father was away in the US.

The Ideal Beginning 

  • He formally joined Reliance industries in 1981, and worked at different levels, gradually rising to the present highest position.
  • He advanced the company in the backward vertical integration, a process of taking ownership of supply systems, or at least controlling them. If properly carried out, it can cut down on the middlemen, lowering the cost of products and services, with an increase in profit both for the customer and the company.
  • In this form, he took the company from textiles into polyester fibers and further into petrochemicals, petroleum refining, going all the way into oil and gas exploration and production.
  • He also set up, Reliance Communications limited, one of the largest and most complex information and communications technology initiatives in the world.
  • At Jamnagar, India, he created the world's largest grassroots petroleum refineries, with a current capacity of 660,000 barrels per day; integrated with petrochemicals, power generation, port and related infrastructure.

Conjugal Relationship

He is married to Nita Ambani. They have three kids, Akash, Anant and Isha. They live in Mumbai, in a private 27 storey building named Antilia.It is estimated to be valued at over US$ 1 billion, claiming it to be the most expensive home in history.

Man of Substance

  • Today, as the Chairman and Managing Director Of Reliance Industries, his net Worth is estimated at Us $ 27 billion.
  • In 2007, Indian stock market situation and appreciation of the Indian rupee made him the world's richest man for a brief period of time. He is expected to regain this title in 2014, according to Forbes magazine forecasts.
  • In 2004, Total Telecoms awarded him World Communication award.
  • In 2007, Government of Gujarat and United States-India Business Council awarded him Chitralekha Person of the year award and United States-India Business Council Leadership Award, respectively.
  • In 2010, University of Pennsylvania awarded him School Of Engineering and Applied Science Dean's Medal.

Company Profile

Reliance industries is ranked among the top employers in East. It is ranked #2 in prestige and reputation, and remains a favorite choice among job-seekers. The company is generally defined by terms such as 'colossal, number-driven, growth machine'. 

The work ethos created by the founder, Dhirubhai Ambani continues. He believed to “Give the youth a proper work environment. Motivate them. Extend them the support they need.
Each one of them has an infinite source of energy. They will deliver.'' RIL provides perks, incentives and facilities, along with unshackling the latent energies of people, generating the motivation to set new benchmarks.

Obstacles Faced

He had a major feud with his younger brother, after their father died, and took control of roughly half of the divided company.
Today, Anil Ambani's company acts a major market competitor to him. 
RIL had to shut its much popular petroleum retail outlets, across the country.
Controversy over Reliance fresh outlets, as it led to an outcry among vegetable vendors, who failed to find customers, as reliance sold out the veggies at lower prices.


  • Mukesh, has always attributed a fair share of his success to his father and his methods of working.
  • He is a shy person, and remains away from the fun fare and media activities. Even people close to him, describe him as being inscrutable.
  • He has amassed wealth, not only for himself, but also for the millions , who are employed under him.
  • He is the icon of budding business visionaries of India, and has brought the nation to higher standards in the international market.
  • He owns a cricket team in The Indian Premier League, named Mumbai Indians, worth $111.9 million. The team is headed by 'master-blaster' Sachin Tendulkar. Although, they lost in the season, they put up a good fight and were well cheered on by their fans.



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