Forced Marriage - Getting green card in a month or so, should get married before that.

Forced & Hurried Marriage - Getting green card in a month and you have 2 weeks vacation.

Social Marriage - All of your friends are getting married. So you should.

Electronic Marriage - Got his/her details on Internet or BBS.

Ambitious Marriage - Marrying an MBBS girl hoping that she will buy you a Porsche/BMW after she starts earning.

Anonymous Marriage - Have seen photo, talked on phone. Engagement in your absence and getting married the next week you actually saw him/her.

Migration Marriage - You work in SF Bay, he/she works in Research Triangle. You are moving to East Coast after marriage.

Common Marriage - Marrying a B.E girl from India, and then sending her for MS.

Desperate Marriage - Watching too many movies in HBO and Cinemax.

Bored Marriage - Got H-1, don't know what to do after work.

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